Garry Caudill

Garry began to explore this path 20 years ago, when he created a spiritual practice to support his calling to live in harmony with our beloved Earth Mother.

After a deep and ongoing apprenticeship with don Oscar Miro-Quesada, many pilgrimages to Peru and the land of the Maya, he shares the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition™ with great reverence and honor. Garry resides in Boulder, Colorado.


Heather Holden

Heather is passionate about keeping wisdom teachings alive and delivering them to the next generation. She’s been called to be a teacher to deepen her experience as a student of PMT and inspire others to re-member themselves as sacred.

Heather has been practicing the shamanic healing arts since 2005. She began with the Four Winds and has traveled to sit in Lakota and Shipibo ceremonies. She’s been to Peru four times to deepen her experience with the jungle and the mountains.

Heather fell in love with the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition™ under the glow of Mount Shasta, CA and with the tutelage of Raymond Nobriga and Valerie de Magdelana. From there she realized the greatest gift to the world is by expanding our own consciousness and heartfelt integration of love and forgiveness.

She owns Awaken Healing Center, and resides in Denver, Colorado.

Nancy Beck

For over 3 decades Nancy has worked as a critical care nurse assisting people with the recovery of their physical hearts. As a mesa carrier, she helps people open their spiritual hearts to the connection of Divine Love in acceptance of Self allowing them to live a path of inspiration in the Eternal Now.

Nancy′s commitment is to be as a hollow bone in disseminating the teachings of the PMT, in loving service to all dimensions. Her mission is to serve as a guide & ally to her students on their journey to remembering their inner wisdom, embodying their inherent beauty and strengthening their connection to the Unseen Realms.

In this sacred role, it is Nancy′s heart′s greatest desire that each member of her hoops, in communion together, experience a profound sense of self-empowerment, realization and wholeness.

She looks forward to sharing this beautiful and life-altering experience with you!

Nancy resides in Missouri.

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Shardai Moon

Shardai has dedicated her life in service to the reawakening of the Sacred Feminine in all Her forms, and to the reclamation of the Sacred within our global village.

Shardai has served her community as an RN, nature connection mentor, and community organizer, for over a decade. 

Shardai is humbled and blessed by the opportunity to carry on the PMT lineage as a teacher, and is fully devoted to her students. She runs a Rose Priestess Mystery School & Temple, along with a private healing practice, devoted to empowering the female leaders of our time.

 She believes that the very wisdom & healing we seek is seeking to be re-Membered from within us. It is her honor to help re-Member You. Shardai currently resides in Hawaii, and teaches in Colorado as well. 

 Autumn Moler

Autumn is a modern Renaissance woman who has devoted her life to protecting and serving Pachamama, doing the sacred Work of living and teaching an earth-honoring existence.

In 2016, stepping into deeper communion with the Earth and the unseen realms, Autumn became a sanctioned teacher in the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition™. She vowed to share the sacred teachings from Peru, in which she apprenticed and made the foundation of her life, since she was introduced to this beautiful and powerful lineage in 2012.

Mother and wife first, Autumn’s intention is to create and nurture community. She extends her love for family by facilitating ongoing ceremonies, workshops, and healing sessions to help support others in transforming their lives for the better. Autumn resides in Kansas.


Daniel Moler

Daniel Moler, MLA, is located in the Kansas City area. Daniel has spent many years researching and training in a variety of healing modalities, particularly indigenous medicine practices.

A teacher and published author, Daniel’s passions include the shamanic arts, as well as alchemy, consciousness, liberal arts, philosophy, and spiritual awakening.

A Sanctioned Teacher of the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition™, Daniel is dedicated to serving Earth and Spirit with great reverence. Daniel resides in Kansas.